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Cass amongst friends

Sweeetheart by day, bad gamer by night. I like to see myself as someone who cares about others, while not labelling “people pleaser” on me.

On my Twitch channel – and on occasion Youtube, you will not find top of the line gameplay or even overplayed, overhyped reactions. What you will find is chilled, laid back gameplay with some commentary and a welcoming environment to hang out.

I like to play games with a good story, or with some mind bending puzzles to solve. I am less prone to play high paced shooters, but there’s exceptions. I also like to race from time to time.

I hope to see you out there in the gamingverse!

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Perks for subscribers

For every 5 subs I will release one of the following things a month:

• Image from private life or selfie
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Books will be shown here as they release on Google Books.