This is why Adblock is so popular

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Most of us – especially us who uses the internet on a daily basis, if its in our own time or work, is experiencing slow webpages, ads in the way and forced waiting time to watch a commercial.

I don’t blame the developers and owners behind these webpages, because with information freely available for everyone as everyone is fighting online for acknowledgement, everyone is sharing whatever news they may read. Webpages try get an income and if people don’t wanna pay, there’s only one option: ads.

These sites is facing such a huge problem, that Google who owns Youtube has implemented a weapon against adblockers. Adblockers has gotten so widespread it is very common to have installed – even for light users.

I personally have it to protect my PC from possible malware, and if I site I trust overdo it with ads, I also leave the adblocker on. It’s a tug-of-war and it needs to stop. Websites needs to keep it more sane. I know of a fair few websites who plaster the site with ads – so its more ads than content.

Youtubes action is that if the site is regstering an adblocker in the browser, they will show ads for up to three minutes. Some is claiming that they do not experience this, but they may have several adblockers installed. TV2 (a danish TV network) is just not showing their news if there’s an adblocker detected.

Dear companies, it is about time you take a good hard look on yourself and begin to be more critical of which ads are shown and thus which ad networks you are using. Us consumers are already getting bombarded with ads throughout the day.

When we…:

  • waiting on the bus: human height ad on the shelter
  • waiting on the train: human high posters with 3 different ads that circulates throughout the platform.
  • watching TV: Up to 7 minutes ad breaks every 12 minutes.
  • walking past stores (this is the only one making sense)
  • side of houses in certain areas with huge ads.
  • unpaid apps and games on phone is littered with ads. (understandable)
  • riding on bus and train: ads on screen and hanging in spaces.
  • internet is littered with ads hence the adblockers.

It is a lot of ads, and most people put up with it – but when it has direct influence on my visit on a webpage, like slowing the site or my PC, or showing an ad I do not trust, I am just done – I either leave or put adblocker on. And I know I am not alone.

If one or more ads…:

  • get the site to load very slowly
  • ad being full site and forced for several seconds
  • destroys the layout.
  • covering something vital
  • prevents a function in loading
  • covering the whole background, which is hightening the chance of me clicking by mistake.
  • ads for malware.
  • sound or seizeinducing in colours and animation.

No wonder I turn on my adblocker! You ruin my visit with your attempt to earn money. As I said, I do not blame you but in general you guys needs to get more control over ads. Many sites is signing up on ad networks and never look back. This includes dangerous ads for either scams, malware or worse.

It is about time professional websites takes a larger initiative and responsibility to what gets shows on their sites. Serious websites should have serious ads.

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