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This is why Adblock is so popular

Most of us – especially us who uses the internet on a daily basis, if its in our own time or work, is experiencing slow webpages, ads in the way and forced waiting time to watch a commercial.


The game industry is not doing themselves a favour

Gaming has gone mainstream, and the result is a boom within the industry: Now it has a problem in huge competition within sales and development, including making it easier to release on what used to be more closed platforms. Demanding gamers and degradation of games worth is not making it any easier. All of this is putting pressure on the game industry.


Is the LEGO movie a PR stunt or a necessity?

The LEGO Movie arrived on the big screen, and it’s not surprising that DR (biggest news outlet here) is covering the big hit at premiere. In their coverage, they mentioned that the movie is functioning as a hidden PR stunt. I am of the opinion that the LEGO Movie had to be made to follow the times.