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Gravity Rush Remastered

Experience a world with no buttom, around a tree, and everything is getting attacked by curious gravity storms. You have a challenge ahead of you to save a whole city from an invasion. Test your gravity skills with Kat and her cat – now on the big screen.



With Bulletstorm you will experience marvelous scenery, beautiful graphics and a really nice refreshment of the first person shooter genre.


Mafia II

Cruising down the snowy or sun heated road made me wish I were born in the 50’s, because the cars really had personality back then. Instead I have to imagine how it was, and it’s pretty easy when you’re playing a game as good as Mafia II. Though, the missing technology and bullets flying past your ears by millimeters curbs that anticipation.


Naughty Bear

Naughty Bear is the black sheep in the herd, and has been excluded from the fun times by the other bears. Who wouldn’t be frustrated in this situation?