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We are once again back at Big Science Labs and a party is being held – Splosion Man has been captured, so this sounds like the beginning of the end. Worry not, tipping a champagne bottle over, making the biggest mess ever by the fluid and electricity, Ms. Splosion Man arrives on the scene.

Just like last time, you have jump – or splode if you will – your way through the levels. This time with even more varying obstacles. The transfer from the sequel to this game is quite the same as the transfer from first Portal game to the second one – same gameplay, but with a few new quirks to try out. The first level will literally blast you away as you are running away from Mighty Eternal (this was the first big boss in the first game) after he crawls up from his deep grave that Splosion Man was able to dig for him.

The changes and improvements

After the first level, you’ll get a mixed feeling of excitement and disappointment – the latter because the first level is really that great with lots of small cut scenes and quick events where you have to time the buttonmashing to beat Mighty Eternal. Non the less, Ms. Splosion Man is a great upgrade from the first game with lots of new content and experiences not to mention new ways of solving puzzles – and even greater feeling of pace and speed than the prequel managed to.

Screenshot | Ms. Splosion Man

One problem that keeps being unsolved from the first game; sometimes it’s hard to see where your character is, especially while playing co-op. If your character is standing in a place with same as or close to colours, and the camera has zoomed out, this problem occurs.

Playing with a friend, that being online or local is just as fun and engaging as in the prequel. You really have to time your movements, especially in the hard to reach places. Good thing only one of the players has to reach the exit booth, it would had been impossible otherwise.

The details and womenhood

What i mildly dislike is this game is that they (Twisted Pixel, red.) overdid it with the womanly take on character. References to chick flicks I can take, and the fact that you have to collect shoes instead of cake is acceptable – but the yakking and the “hunt for love” is for me, too much. I like this game series, as I love platformers, but Twisted Pixel peculiar intro’s (powered by beard for example) aren’t my cup of tea, it just does not tickle my funny bone.

Screenshot | Ms. Splosion Man

Achievements seems doable, but a few will take some work if you want to gather them all. Most of them has the same requirements as in the prequel such as getting through all the single and multiplayer levels, but there’s also a few new ones, such as making use of the leaderboard and downloading and race against a ghost from the leaderboard, making it possible to compete against your friends without them being online and playing the game at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing this game, maybe not as much as the first game, but I still enjoy jumping around and reaching the exit booth. While they kept the idea of having a funny, crazy and rambling character, with a few quirky walks and funny in air positions, it’s not giving the player the same fresh feeling that the first game did.

You can check out the review of the prequel right here.

Score | Ms. Splosion Man
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