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I have a stupid teenage crush on a starship captain.

I’m a grown woman, I shouldn’t be infatuated with a character on a tv show. Yet here we are. Am I having a mid-life crisis? However, I might have at least a partial explanation.

I believe that the sentient brain is having a coping mechanism, that helps us fulfil some needs when they aren’t filled actively. This is one of the main reasons we have entertainment and beliefs, and most of all: daydreams. Where we imagine something that might happen.

Daydreams tends to make our bad days better and adds ambition into our lives, to better it for ourselves and others. But at the same time, keep aware and to differ between what is a dream and what is real.

Entertainment and daydreams is making sentient beings grow as a species, no matter how small or big just like any other work of art. It also makes us ping pong off each other, explore new ways of thinking.

Watching through The Orville, I found myself getting infatuated with the whole crew and the story that unfolded. For me, I think the story between Kelly and Ed was the one that touched me the most.

I went along with everyone’s pain, struggles, love and victories – I felt I was part of it. I was there, hurting with them, getting happy with them, celebrating with them – this is EXACTLY what entertainment is supposed to do. And The Orville ended up hitting straight home for me.

As the show went on I ended up swirling myself a lot more into the pain of the captain as well taking notice of small things such as facial expressions. Sir, I got to send props your way of both the writing and charisma you’ve been able to provide the screen. Thank you.

I know Ed Mercer is made up, his world is. However, the mind and the charisma is real. And that’s what matters, isn’t it? One thing is for sure, I will follow Seth MacFarlane more closely in his works.

I dread the day that I’ll finish the third season. My heart will be sore for a good while. I will miss the whole crew, but most of all, a lovely starship captain will no longer be in my life.

Oh hai and welcome to my small corner on the internet! I am a gamer at heart, and I love to write - so what's better than doing this? You can also find me streaming games on Twitch, being opinionated on X and sharing screen shots on Instagram.

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