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Now part of Creator Crew for Knockout City!

Awesome new partnership inbound!

This post is an announcement to let everyone know that me and my channel is now officially part of the Creator Crew for the game Knockout City! I am truly humbled and honored to be part and I really didn’t think I would make it when I applied, so I need to send huge thanks to Velan Studios and promise I’ll do my very best!

The email from the team at the studio ticked in earlier today and I spent hours unsure where to do of myself – apart from getting some food and loose myself in another episode of Arrow. I’ve been reading through the latest creator crew blog post and other stuff I was sent. I’ve “met” some other CC members and I am sure we will have so much fun from here on.

This means that there is going to be some changes to what is happening in the stream, as there will be a lot more content with Knockout City in the streams. There is gonna be at the very least one stream a week with Knockout City, mostly on Saturdays, but I can see myself push the game a bit more for the live content. That means a bunch of the story based games content is most likely going to be moved to offline enjoyment for me.

What is Knockout City?

Game is a high paced, high intensity dodgebrawler. It is one of those game that is easy to learn but hard to master – partly because it can be super competitive. There are different modes with different sizes of teams with 1-4 players on each team, even different tasks to get through and different reactions depending on mode.

The basic mode is 3 versus 3 players, first team to 10 wins the round, and best of 3 wins the game. Pure and simple – and this mode is also the main mode in ranked play as well as a stable on the casual mode list which also has one mode that changes weekly and one mode that changes daily.

Beyond the basic mode there is basketbrawl, snowballfight, chain reaction, elimination and team royale – all of these with variants and the list expands all the time. The different modes has different ways of gain points and winning the game.

Basket brawls requires you to knock out your opponents forcing them into ball mode and you can pick them up, then gain most points for throwing them through the hoops throughout the level, Snowball is giving less damage but more balls to throw, elimination takes you out for the round when you are knocked out and royale mode has a shrinking arena just like.. you guessed it, every battle royale game out there.

The game also runs some events throughout the year, with collectibles, challenges and tasks, usually fitting to the time of years, such as collecting ice creams in the summer, throwing snowballs in the winter and so on.


To sum everything up, go check some videos on youtube (I won’t link any, as the game will continue getting updates, so go find a newer dated video) or live streams, maybe find some of the Creator Crew Members on the wiki page and visit their streams! Everybody should be able to find fun in the game, its light and easy to get into – it depends on what you like. The game IS free to download, so of you have a device (Xbox One, Ps4 and up or a proper PC) that can play it, it doesn’t hurt to grab and try. Since it’s free to play, there’s in-game purchases, obviously.

Oh hai and welcome to my small corner on the internet! I am a gamer at heart, and I love to write - so what's better than doing this? You can also find me streaming games on Twitch, being opinionated on X and sharing screen shots on Instagram.

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