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Can you hit the boops with the ball?


Drop the ball and hit the basket, but be weary of obstacles along the way!

You have a little canon at the top of the screen, and all you have to do is to hit the small balls at the screen, called pegs to gain points. A unicorn named Björn is presenting the game for you, and as you advance in the adventure mode, you’ll meet the other masters. Each one of them has different powers that you engage by hitting the green pegs.

To clear a stage you have to hit all the orange pegs, hopefully ending the level by falling down to the most valuable part of the bottom that appears when you hit the last peg.

The biggest amusement must be the power ups engaged by hitting the green pegs, but also the spirit of the game. It’s pure, childish, magic and more than all, it’s sweet. You can put your three year old in front of the screen with the controller and not worry if the game turns M-rated. It won’t. And your child will most likely have their time of their life if they like to push buttons and see the screen react. The game is very relaxing, but I bet it can be challenging as well, when it comes to clear the levels completely – not sure how much I look forward to it..!

How to navigate

Single player contains Adventure Mode, Master Duel, Challenges and Quickplay. Quickplay is just like level select in other games, and you can check your highscores in each level. Masters Duel is a head-2-head mode against the CPU in shape of one of the masters that taught you how to play this game. Challenges are rather similar to adventure mode.

If the first 55 levels aren’t enough for you, there’s a whopping 60 level expansion pack for this game – or it’s actually a sequel, but for the x360 version, that we are reviewing here, it shows as expansion pack, doubling your gaming time.

For the players who wants to play online there’s Peg Party and Duel. Peg Party is for up to 4 players at the same time, dueling to get most points within 10 shots. You have to get more points than your opponents, so trick shots and bonus pegs – the purple ones – are vital here. After each shot all players are compared and everyone get to know the score and positions.

Local duel is available, which seems very fun to play. The players take turn to shoot for points, just like in the Masters Duel. With a lot of playing time, most people will be very good at this game because it’s so simple and there aren’t many surprises or changes in the game.

Summing up

The game is downright beautiful to look at; the graphics are smooth and clear all the way through and the mind-bending colours are chocolate for the brain, all in High-Definition. The drawings are sweet and the characters are cute. Audio is well-chosen for the games acoustic feeling and fulfils the harmony within it.

The goals seem very obtainable, yet it demands some aiming skills from the player, not to mention whole lot patience – but don’t most games demand that? Many of the goals also seems to be fun to go for, but this game in itself can entertain for hours, and you don’t have to go for the goals to enjoy it.

I haven’t encountered glitches or errors, but the music might be a bit too repetitive for most people to play for many hours straight. Again, this game might be repetitive on its own though, but streaming or playing music from another source while playing surely helps out a bit to avoid sudden loneliness. Eyeballs seeing pegs can be a bit of a peggle – right?

Our Summary
Looking at other puzzle and arcade games, this is by far one of the most simplest ones, but it makes your brain work. Because of this games pure, magic and innocent look, I just love it for what it is. Hit balls, make points. On top of that, there’s a huge amount of levels available.
Oh hai and welcome to my small corner on the internet! I am a gamer at heart, and I love to write - so what's better than doing this? You can also find me streaming games on Twitch, being opinionated on X and sharing screen shots on Instagram.

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