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Thelma the Unicorn

What if you were a Unicorn?


Ever imagined that you would achieve something with your life? Even if it means pretence? Thelma the Unicorn is putting a light on the issues between being you and being something you want to be.

Meet Thelma, a run on the mill normal little cute pony on the farm, working with her buddies, Otis and Reggie. Two friendly donkeys, all hearts and no inhibitions whatsoever. The trio makes for a band “The Rusty Buckets”, trying hard to make it – but most people judge on the looks alone and deem The Rusty Buckets “too normal”.


So one day Thelma gets the band to audition for Sparklepalooza, show of the year but of course the judges asks them to leave before they even get to sing. In a small fit of rage, Thelma ends up humiliating herself on camera.

Back to the farm and the daily dues, by sheer random happenings, Thelma ends up looking like a unicorn. Suddenly passers by notices her and she gets whirled into the feeling of getting noticed and listened to.

Then a whole mix of sly managers, angry divas and crazy fans happens. In the middle of the high from the popularity, Thelma ends up forgetting her friends and focuses on her newly gained fandom.

Of course, in the end, Thelma realises her mistake and how friends are more important than fandom.


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The movie is filled to the brim with amazing music, most of it sung by Brittany Howard who also voices Thelma, which brings me to mention a few other actors that voices in the movie; Will Forte and Zack Galifianakis.

The music is really where this movie does it brilliantly – it hits right in the feels – the only let down was that Brittany Howards “Just as you are” isn’t on the soundtrack uploaded to Spotify. I will not shy away from the fact that tears – and a lot of them – were had during this song in the movie.

Lovely job done all around

Voice acting hits home, everybody has been cast really well, and Brittany Howard is simply brilliant all the way through. Graphic wise, we hit around the same marker as Monsters University, which does put it slightly below the current quality coming from Pixar. The movie is based on the children’s books with Thelma, and with the author on as producer it sure hits home.

Very much a very cute movie that will remind young and old that it does not matter what the crowd thinks of you – what matters is friends, those close to you and those who you care about. The crowd is superfluous, doesn’t matter too much.

Movie | Netflix | Thelma the Unicorn | Score
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