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PS Move & Start the Party!

Reading your movements!

Grab the controller and swing it!

A week ago I went to this rather big music event. It turned out that PlayStation had a tent there, promoting PlayStation Move. Thomas Bense, a rather wellknown danish TV host, gaming reviewer and entertainer was onstage, presenting the prize: A 250gb Ps3 Slim!

I didn’t get the opportunity to try it myself, but it looked really fun and it seemed to work much better than I imagined. People who usually don’t play games was on stage, competing in the games, using PS Move – and they seemed to enjoy it, not to mention they were able to play the games.

They were playing this upcoming game, called “Start The Party!”, using the PlayStation Move controller. Taking turns, the contestants were bashing bugs, dissolving ghosts, blowing chicks into baskets and more, trying to get the most points. The oddest thing was that the best player turned out to be this 45 year old woman, and I believe she’ve never played a single game before – and the least best player was this 21 year old kid, with a high potential of being more or less of a regular gamer.

Any contest?

Now, the Wii seems to have taken most of the casual market, but I do believe that both Sony and Microsoft’s upcoming motion sensing controllers have a good chance of raising the contest regarding the motion sensing experience.

Move Controller: Seems to respond really good, and I couldnt detect much of a lag from the movement of the controller to the reaction onscreen. The form of the controller seems also to fit fine in all sizes and shapes of hands, so this one-size device is designed pretty well.

Start The Party!: It doesn’t seem like this game had many different modes of challenges, but this version is a pre-release version for the press and a demo for the hopefully, full and much larger, game. What I saw of gameplay seemed really fun, maybe not new and yes, experienced before, but with a really good look and artstyle all the way through, with great sound effects, which is doing really really well for the game. Cartoonish effects are making it even more fun to play – bugs hitting the screen and sliding down on the inside of it, is one of the really funny animations made in this game.

I must say, watching Move and the response – not to mention the possibilities – impressed me, and now I really want this controller for my Playstation 3 – but I also want Kinect for my Xbox 360. So.. Now.. What to buy?

If you have both systems, which motion sensing controller do you want most?

Oh hai and welcome to my small corner on the internet! I am a gamer at heart, and I love to write - so what's better than doing this? You can also find me streaming games on Twitch, being opinionated on X and sharing screen shots on Instagram.

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