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Naughty Bear

It's fluffy stabbing time!


It’s fluffy violence time! Bash your way through hysterical, but sweet, bears and make their stuffings fill the air around you.

Naughty Bear is the black sheep in the herd, and has been excluded from the fun times by the other bears. Who wouldn’t be frustrated in this situation?

Make the bears suffer from their evil mocking, take their weapons and use them against the colorful individuals. Kill them fast, vary your ending kills and don’t let the multiplier run out, so get your hands on the next bear fast!

Stuffing everywhere

Get as many points as possible and get those trophies, so you can unlock more levels. I’ve heard that the game offers 120 different ways of killing a bear, and I want to see them all if possible – and that’s what makes the game for me, besides getting better at each level/challenge.

Highly violent, highly addictive. Get your hands on the weapons, which are unlocked as you progress in the game. Burn, shoot, bash, break and crush those colorful and cuddly bears. Learning curve is great, not too slow and not too steep, and you aren’t getting interrupted by annoying and lecturing messages.

While the weapons are great, they are not the only way to get rid of a bear. Use scare tactics! There’s a “Boo!” function included, and frankly, I think it’s even funnier to use than the weapons. It makes another dimension to the game than just running towards a bear and bash it down. It’s adding a strategy to the game, and makes the game more thoughtful – strategize yourself, this game is not just about running and bashing bears.

Would it be best to just set traps, and wait for the bears to walk into them, then kill them off, or just run towards them and bash their heads off with the first weapon you get? Scare or bash? For me, mixing it a bit makes it funnier and less repetitive. Some challenges are quite challenging to get through – for me, the hardest ones is “don’t get hurt”, which basically means you can’t let the other bears hit you – you fail the challenge the second you get hurt, even if you get caught in one of your own traps.

I haven’t had the opportunity to play online (too few players with the game online) but as I can see from the different modes, there’s some opportunities to have a few good hours.

Online modes in Naughty Bear
Cake Walk: Look for the golden cupcake, and keep hold of it longer than the opponents to win the game, and look out for backstabbers.
Golden Oozy: Find the golden machinegun and score points by killing your opponents. Don’t lose it!
Jelly Wars: Teamgame, avoid Naughty Bear and his rage against the cute friends in the forest – and gather as many jellies as possible.
Assault: Teamgame, destroy the opposing teams unistatue and defend your own – the game is going on for two minutes, the team with the best standing statue wins.
But really, Naughty Bear doesn’t need those multiplayer modes, it feels like the developer just made them, because it’s mainstream to include online multiplayer these days.

Smack those stuffed bears, until they don’t have any more stuffing – use golf clubs, hams, knives, machine guns, you name it. Kick them in the knockers, and make that mine pulverize the bear, or give them a face cleaning – in the toilet!

Girly screams is key

Voices and sound effects are cute and cuddly, yet so violent – it’s a beautiful harmony of squeeks, girly screams, and not to mention the sound of something hard hitting stuffed and plushy animals.

The graphics are acceptable, but yet, it could be so much better. There’s way too much clipping going on – bears going through walls and doors, when making the ultimate kills, is really ruining the experience. Camera angles can be horrific – so horrific that there’s a good chance you will encounter them while making an ultimate kill, and not be able to see the kill at all, because the camera is at the other side of a wall or a three.

Sound effects are quite good, but could be more rich on different sounds for each event going on – the speaker/narrator suits Naughty Bear in an odd way, but the tone and using of voice is more like story telling than regular voice and thoughts. Sounding like he is talking to a kid, very understanding, clearly, slow and lecturing – which I don’t like too much, but because it’s cute and cuddly bears you are dealing with, it kinda suits the mood for the game. Background music is quite repetitive, but I didn’t think of it when playing, as I was quite busy chasing down screaming cuddly plush animals.

The first thing you’ll experience is the bad camera movements, it feels squarely and unnatural, but this you will get used to within due time – then you just have to deal with the horizontal and vertical camera control – but it’s not too bad, once you find what suits you, as you can change this in the settings.

You are in for a laugh

The game is highly amusing, the gameplay and the idea behind the game is brilliant, I can play it for hours, and I will laugh over and over again – especially in company with other people, that sees the ironic in terrified bears losing their stuffings while you bash them as hard and often as possible – and I am still surprised regularly when playing the game, when doing new ultimate kills, because they are so well done, quirky and not to mention innovative.

Our Summary
Many ways to kill fluffy teddy bears and doing it really well too, lot's of humour to be had, but negatively impacted by bad camera angles. Graphics could have gotten a nudge up.
Replay value
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