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Snoopy Flying Ace

High paced action with the friends from the beloved Peanuts. It's nuts!


Take to the skies with Snoopy and friends, soar through the air and concer the airspace!

This is a fun little airgame, and everybody can join in on the fun. As Snoopy or one of his friends from the Peanuts cartoons, even your own xbox 360 avatar, you can attend the high action fun in the skies.

A terrible war is going on. As Snoopy, you have to fight against The Red Baron and his associates. Airborne frontal crashes, missiles, bombs, mines and much much more are awaiting you in possibly one of the most intense fights in the air. And yet, the steering and cartoonish environment are making it too much fun to get stressed and depressed about – yes I am not too fond of “normal” shooters, as there’s too much war-element over it.

Why so serious?

The cartoonish style in both steering and look are erasing all feelings of serious war, and makes the game pure fun. I got to admit that the appearance of Snoopy and his friends was the reason I got my eyes on the game – and the fact that I have been looking a bit out for a little airgame since Afterburner Climax went under my radar.

I’ve been jabbering about the steering. Well, this is one of this games forces. It’s easy to learn, and for advanced gamers it feels natural to use the left analogue stick for steering and the right one for stunts. There’s different challenges, but mostly the game is a shooter, both for moving and still targets. The game vary enough to keep the interest for an acceptable amount of time for an XBLA game. There’s different maps, all with each of their own quirks and feel, and there’s both day and night time, which gives an extra spectrum to the game.

Clearly, this game is made for playing with others. While the single player is quite fun and helpful for getting ready to play online against other people, the online play is mindless fun and really fulfilled with hardcore action, if there’s plenty of players.

There’s a good amount of different modes to choose from, both all against all and team games. The ultimate death match, capture the flag, keep the bone and score points and an American Football imitation. Fun for all players, also newcomers – and challenging too.

Missions in single player can be played in local co-op, which might be an easy way to get the gold medals. I haven’t had a chance to test that out just yet, but it’s a sure thing I will, when I get the opportunity.

What a looker!

The look of the game is smooth and without any graphical errors that I’m able to remark right here. The style is quite unique and colorful, yet full of explosions and the effects in the different weapons are great and varying. Sound and soundtrack are pretty decent and well responding to what’s going on at the screen.

I can’t pinpoint anything. Maybe the single player is too short, but looking at the difficulty (if you are going for all gold medals) the game seems to extend rapidly, as you have to retry over and over again, because you have to time it right, not to mention get very good at aiming fast to shoot down enemies to finish the mission within the time limit.

The game is great, but there’s nothing new in it. It’s not magnificent or mind blowing, so I can’t really give it top score of 5 stars, as there’s no real reason for it. People, who know and love “Peanuts” cartoon with Snoopy and his friends, will love the game way more than someone who doesn’t know them too well, but this is normal for any game that are based on cartoons, movies, or whatever it could be. Though, the game aren’t following anything from the paper strips cartoons, apart from characters and relationships.

Our Summary
Heaps of fun, lots of explosions and never-ending aerial loops over diverse grounds - from Paris over small islands to airships. With hordes of enemies to gun down, there's lot fun to be had.
Replay value
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