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Madballs in: Babo Invasion

Be badass, don't get turned to eye goo.


The game is based on rubber figures made by AmToy back in the mid-80s. You can control an array of characters, all with one eye. You begin with Oculus and as you progress, opening up for more characters. Then shoot your way through the courses and annihilate the enemy.

The history itself is presented rather dull with still images and text. The idea is great, but I would absolutely have preferred a more cinematic experience with some action and memorable dialogues. The very first sequence presents two characters: HornHead and Oculus.

So this is how it begins...

Oculus is on a regular mission when he meets Hornhead, triggering a wild chase through space and at last HornHead manages to get a hit on Oculus’ ship which forces an emergency landing on the nearest planet. After this, the player takes over to get through the courses and kill enemies until there’s nothing but eye fluid goo left. Some levels has sequences where you’re going in, the next going back out, which saves some space and still feels different since new obstacles is added.

The game is entertaining and challenging. The concept is groovy, even that I normally stay away from shooters.

Being able to control different characters makes a lot of difference. The courses are pretty straight forward but still varying in look and challenges. Controls is easy but impaired by camera angle at times.

Eye goo and heavy weaponry

The graphics is entertaining and detailed with a few flaws on occasion. If its been overlooked or not prioritized is hard to say. I haven’t met any game-breaking glitches. The voice overs make do, but seems repetitive and without variation which can turn to be daunting. Some enemies moans a little too heavy when getting annihilated which seems misplaced. The music and audio effects is entertaining and this mix blends well with the colour palette that gives clues to functions and how to proceed.

The multiplayer part consists of a thrilling deathmatch or capture the flag mode for up to 16 players. It’s fast paced, raw and unhinged with a wide variety of weapons and courses. There’s 3 different modes, online co-op, versus and avatar. Co-op has enduro and level attack, versus and avatar has 5 modes, skirmish, team skirmish and capture the flag, avatar and invasion. I am guessing that versus and avatar is the same as the settings are similar, only difference that in avatar you use the head from the avatar you’ve made with your Xbox live account.

The replay value seems quite large, seen it as this game is a smaller marketplace game. Lots of options to fool around with friends the whole evening with obliterating each others eyeballs with bazookas and lasers. The campaign might be entertaining to run through after a couple years, but beyond that the replay value fades – then again most games is this way.

Our Summary
Beyond the very minor graphic errors and the at times annoying camera angle, Madballs in: Babo Invasion is rather decent and recommended. If you like shooters and maybe remember the characters from the 80s you'll like it.
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