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Be prepared to sit back and enjoy the intense dramedy that follows the crew aboard the starship Orville. You will fast notice the homage to Star Trek and other nerdoms – and it stands on its own. 

Most everyone who have heard the name Seth MacFarlane will expect the content to be humorous with over the top slap stick semi-awkward humour. Yes – there is absolutely moments where you will recognise this, but it is so spread out that The Orville absolutely can be categorized as serious. Star Trek was also going out on a limb from time to time – but The Orville goes out on a slightly different limb. Very much worth a watch.

In general, The Orville is absolutely endearing and heart warming all the way through, and the space battles is amongst the best I have seen. With characters and daily dues everyone can relate to, splattered with the occasional humorous input, The Orville will quickly get into your heart.

Screenshot | The Orville

Interspecies relations, relations between people and how they deal and interact is in focus, especially in the first season. Somewhere in season 2 that fades a little and I can only make guesses as to why – everything from different writers to bigger budget is the possible culprit. Don’t get me wrong – it didn’t ruin the show, it just made it different, however season one and halfway through two remains more emotional for me.

There’s a lot of heartful moments between the characters, and with the occasionally funny input, it just makes you crave for more without end. However at the end of season three, I felt the emotional part had faded and made the effects a little more into the spotlight, which is absolute not bad – just different. Season three is last season at the moment of writing – there’s not planned more seasons, but there is currently consensus from a lot of fans and experts that a movie would make a lot of sense. And I tend to agree.

Be sure to stop by my initial thoughts, which is meant to be humourous and light hearted, “I have a stupid teenage crush on a starship captain.“.

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