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Launch party: Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Sparks saving the day?

With a lot of luck I got an invitation to the launch party of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, the sequel to the Mario and Rabbids mashup turnbased game that released a few years ago.

Within the game, you are basically picking up where the last game left, story wise, and Sparks of Hope has some added gameplay elements, including abilities and upgrading stuff. Cut scenes are lovely and so are the characters. Characters from the Mario universe does very well with the Rabbids.

I decided to take off in a timely manner, so I walked to the station and got on the train. I then had time to suck in the atmosphere of the deep capital for which I do not miss on a daily basis – but I still enjoy getting back into it. Watching cars driving by, all the people on bicycles and the cafe’s buzzing with life. Good day to experience the city.

So we got inside the bar, and we had the upstairs exclusive to the event. There were a few Nintendo Switch’s hooked up to some monitors and some headsets. During the evening, we were all free to play the game. With the room being filled with people talking, and decibal high – so even with headset on it was hard to hear the game.

Plus this was a social event, so people coming over and talking while I was playing was super nice. Especially the people from Ubisoft stopped by briefly to hear my opinion on the game. Meeting new people is cornerstone for finding ways to get content creation monitized and sponsored in non-intrusive ways, so attending this was to me huge.

I recognized a few faces, some from my earlier endavours within the danish gaming industry, some from knowing their content briefly. We got something to drink and eat at the event, and we had fun doing a quiz with videogames, mostly surrounding the Rabbids games which was much fun!

I might post a review of the game later on, but at this point I won’t promise – I will however stream it until beaten, so stop by the stream over on Twitch and feel free to ask questions!

Oh hai and welcome to my small corner on the internet! I am a gamer at heart, and I love to write - so what's better than doing this? You can also find me streaming games on Twitch, being opinionated on X and sharing screen shots on Instagram.

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