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Danish Game Awards 2011

We attended this years award show with high expectations and we didn’t leave disappointed. Looking at the size of the country, and the fact that it’s only the second time that the award show was organized.

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The event did pretty well with over 80.000 online votes from gamers around the country that holds around 5.5 million in all, including infants and elderly, who do not play games by any chance.

The host was a well known TV host from the late night show on one of the national channels. He came in as Sackboy from Little Big Planet and after doing the first few jokes, two good looking girls came onstage and helped him taking off the outfit and get it backstage.

The show was spiced up with some great ideas, like a videomontage where a danish comedian visited a big mall in Copenhagen, and asked people questions about games and gaming. The funniest moment by far was when he showed a Playstation Move controller to this 50 year old lady and asked her to guess what it was. Her answer was “a massage ball!” which made the 600 people in the audience laugh their heads off.

National famous people were onstage to nominee in the different categories – two football (that’s soccer for the americans) players announced the nominees for the games in the sports category, a sports driver was announcing the nominees in the racing category, accompanied by “The Stig” (no, not the real one, but you guys get the idea) and a Terran from Starcraft II was onstage when they announced the nominees in the strategy games category.

Nordstrøm was playing Live during the show, and the whole show had a few “intermissions” with musical performances. Nabiha was performing with her song Deep Sleep and Bryan Rice did also perform a song.

Red Dead Redemption was the biggest winner, and you can see the three prizes on the photo to below – Jens Hvass received the statuettes on behalf of Rockstar Games, who did not show up themselves. I had a photo of me and him, but I could not get myself to upload it here since it was such bad quality.

You can view a bunch of professional pictures below, credit goes to Morten Skovgaard.

Danish Game Awards 2011 | Jens Hvass | Rockstar Games
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