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Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Meet Banjo! He can’t talk, but neither can the other animals he meet on his way.


Meet Banjo! He can’t talk, but neither can the other animals he meet on his way. He has his good friend Kazooie with him in a bag. This duo has to cooperate to get through the worlds, winning golden puzzle pieces in the challenges from the friendly neighborhood animals.

Slow Start

If you are a routined player, you may experience a bit of frustration during the first hour of gameplay because there is a lot of information to digest.

Banjo Kazooie: Nut's & Bolts screenshot

Dialogue in the game is presented by speechbubbles and funny noises. I would had have more fun with the characters if they had done actual voiceovers. The boxes tend to go away too quickly, and I am not a slow reader – luckily the important information stays on screen until you confirm manually.

And your tasks is..?

The game begins in Showdown Town where you will meet all the friends that iis ready to ask you for help. You open new worlds with planets that L.O.G. (Lord Of the Games) provide you for the small fee of golden puzzle pieces that you find and win from friends around town. The game is spiced up by you having to build your vehicles for the challenges – so depending on how good you are building, a task can be harder to accomplish. Distribute weight is important.

Banjo Kazooie: Nut's & Bolts screenshot

It’s a lovely varying game with many hours of entertainment both in regards to the environment and the challenges. All of the worlds is very imaginative and contains a lot of small quirky details that any person would love. From Nutty Acres wide open green expanses to LogBox 740’s compressed and lit inner experience – all worlds will surprise you and seed your imagination.

Same goes for the variation of the challenges which of course contains some repeats, such as racing. Some challenges give you a vehicle, other times you have to build one for the purpose. The game isn’t as innocent as you are led to believe – the first few challenges are easy but you will hit a wall of difficulty and even as an experienced player, I met more and more challenges that reqquired more than 3 tries to complete.

Have fun with friends!

The multiplayer seems to be just as fun as roaming around alone – I only tried a few games including waterpolo, football and racing. There’s options to play online or locally, only limited by how many gamepads the console can handle, which is 4. I am fully convinced that an evening with alcohol involved playing this game would be heaps of fun – or as an alternative girls night.

Banjo Kazooie: Nut's & Bolts screenshot

The graphics are full of colours and some great quirky characters and this appeals to gamers of all genders and ages, beginners or experienced players. Apart from the lack of voice acting, the sound is pretty much spot on for the world and the characters, albeit the background music is a bit repetitive.

I did not encounter any errors or bugs. However the game may be a bit too challenging for the young players. Skill wise, I can not say this is a kids game, even that it looks like one. You also have to know what to look for to find the challenges to open for new worlds and such. I hope you will enjoy play Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts as much as I did.

Review score for Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Our Summary
While it quickly irks me that there is no actual voice acting, that fades away just as quickly when going back into gameplay elements of the game. It is full of lovely and quirky characters and super fun minigames. The overall design absolutely speaks to kids, but the challenges needs some more developed motorskills.
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