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Scrap Metal

Weaponized Toy-cars!


A mashup between Twisted Metal & Micro Machines. It can’t get much better than this!

As some unknown driver, you have to fight your way up in the hierarchy, beating the track owners one by one. You’ll earn cars by destroying the competitors vehicles in certain races, but it seems pretty random for which races this is applicable, and you will also earn cars by beating track bosses. There’s 8 different tracks/environments, and all are feeling a little different – one thing they have in common is the dark and dusty look with a lot of destructibles on the track, like fences, wrecks, barrels filled with gas that explode if you hit them hard enough.

There’s a few different modes, but no modes that haven’t been in racing games before. There’s destruction derby, time trial, race, eliminator and chase. Most of the challenges are in a track, but a few is in an arena. The cars are very different and represent classic cars like Crown Victoria, Belair and Camaro.

Blowing up stuff is fun

Blowing up cars is always fun. Since I experienced and played Micro Machines v3 to death, I have had a warm heart for top-down racers. I love when cars has big and scary weapons, though in this game they aren’t as cartoonish as MM v3, but they have major similarities to the weapons used in the Twisted Metal games.

The graphics are really good with many details, great light and shadows, the cars are easy to spot, and the effects from the weapons are made believable. Sounds effects are great implemented and the soundtrack is perhaps a bit short, but nonetheless fits the game with the heavy metal genre. Most of the environment are destructible, which makes this game really lively and real.

Really enjoyable content

The game is very strongly made and doesn’t particular have any glitches or other errors. The game has yet to freeze on me, or even disappoint me. One thing that really annoyed me the first hour or so in the playing time, was the games’ psychics. I felt I was driving on ice all the time, as the cars really slips around the track – but once I got used to it, I liked how I could slip and slide around the track, exploiting the track. I would have liked more tracks and challenges, maybe a track builder to do stunts in or something like that, but who wouldn’t say that for a game they like?

The gameplay and idea behind it might be old and used much before, but it has been blended and mixed, to make it a unique game. It also feels like this game has been tested thoroughly, as the game feels amazing, the loading times are pretty fast and as mentioned, I haven’t experienced any problems with the game.

Our Summary
While the mechanics takes some time to get used to, the game has so many fun moments that you quickly forget any frustrations. Small, fast and deadly cars on tracks with a lot of interactive stuff to take out your opponents with. Scrap Metal can be fun for anyone.
Replay Value
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