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Transformers: Dark of the Moon


The Autobots and Decepticons meets once again, and you have to drive and shoot your way through different missions as both sides. Take your morphing vehicles out for a wild ride. 

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It’s a good thing I’m patient and persistent when it comes to games. The developer decided to go the old way – make the game hard and frustrating to complete, making it last longer because of trial and error – because frankly, there weren’t many missions to complete, which I realised when the credits started to roll. By then I had played around 5 hours or so.

Target audience is...

The fact that this game should be targeting the younger audience – granted the game is made because of the movie that is in theaters now, but it doesn’t seem that the version for Wii is trying to follow the story of the movie – is making the fact of the difficulty even worse. You can’t even change it – there’s one setting; a default. The developer didn’t even care to put this in, in case a 6 or 8 year old wanted to give this game a shot. Besides the cut scenes seems to follow the cartoons style.

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The story is useless, not fun and the player can’t really relate to the characters other than the coolness of talking cars because you switch from the good guys – The Autobots – to the bad boys – The Decepticons – dependent on which mission you’re playing – so you can’t choose who to be or who you want to root for.

Graphics looks beautiful – if it were a Playstation 2 title. Outdated and ugly – I suspected it was a revamped/updated version of the Nintendo DS and 3DS title, and this is confirmed by looking at screenshots from the handheld versions from my sources – youtube on the other hand suggests a completely different game.

Sumup weirdness

What I also discovered on youtube is that the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is yet another game – of course gameplay is somewhat the same, but graphics is up to par from the videos I’ve seen so far. I’ll try and get my hands on a Ps3 or Xbox 360 copy, stay tuned for future updates.

Screenshot | Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The game was fun most of the way, but there were around 3 missions in the game that is frustratingly enough to make most people stop playing it. The shooter element and how you steer around in combat is pretty fun, and works fine – besides my crampy hands, but this is the Wii controller and nunchucks fault.

A on-wheels shooter with no intention of being a blast or rememberable. For a transformers fan and persistent gamer with skills it’s still fun to play this game. I had some fun, and there’s a few missions I would like to replay, but the missions that made me almost throw my controller keeps me from wanting to make this disc spin again.

Mind: This is the Wii version of the game, read my thoughts on the difference between same-gen, but different hardware same-title this weirdness surrounds this game HERE.

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